4 'No Cost' Dates

November 7, 2010 4 Comments

Written by Jennifer Nickert

I always say dating doesn’t have to cost you a lot and getting to know someone shouldn’t be based on how much you spend on them. I don’t recommend you be a Mr. Scrooge and never treat a lady, but sometimes our pocketbooks don’t match our free time to spend with someone.

Take a walk. It’s so simple, yet it’s ideal. You can get some exercise, enjoy the day, and talk without distractions. If there is great chemistry, you can even reach out and hold hands. If the date didn’t go well at least you got some fresh air and stretched your legs.

Volunteer. Find a worthy cause that needs some volunteers and pitch in. You can help build a house together, walk dogs at the shelter, or cook food at a shelter. It’s a great way to give back to the community, spend some time together and really give a great impression. It gives you a shared experience that will make you both feel good.

Play a game. It can be anything, tennis, catch, basketball (even if you just play the game H.O.R.S.E.) or soccer if you are the athletic type. If you’re not, play a game of checkers, chess, scrabble, or even some cards. Make it a competition and the winner gets dinner made for them sometime. Just make it fun and keep it simple.

Do chores together. It’s about spending time together. What better way to talk and laugh than doing dishes together, raking leaves, shoveling snow and hitting each other with snowballs? You can make anything fun. If the conversation isn’t flowing well at least you have a project to concentrate on.

Don’t worry about not having any money, but do be upfront about it. Simply say, I would love the opportunity to get to know you and spend time together, but money is a little tight right now. Would you still be interested? If they say no, then that’s not who you need by your side. Money will come and go, but your compatibility will be lifelong.

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4 Comments to “4 'No Cost' Dates”
  1. Todd says:

    You forgot (assuming price is $5 or nothing per person), that doesn’t last only 20-30 minutes like a basketball game:

    1. Go over to one’s house to watch a movie or two

    2. Have sex

    3. Go over to one’s house to watch good stuff on TV

    4. Have sex

    5. Play video games, or without a console, online video games (they are more addicting than whipping out a monopoly board)

    6. Study or do work-related activities together

    7. Go to the bar together and have the guy pretend he’s gay, and the gal pretend she’s single & looking for a hookup, making guys buy her and her (gay) friend drinks. Having a fake # on ready-5 will be key.

  2. I really liked your article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

  3. Todd says:

    You never would have thought of it?? Jenny knows everything, right?? lol

    I’ve suspected that from a gal once… “Yeah, it’s sooo convenient that that guy is gay and she’s walking out with HIM after we bought them some shots…. hmmm.”

    And plus, if you suspect the guy you’re on a date with has ehh-mild interest in you, it will boost his interest psychologically because he will see guys like you (instinctual competition; more found in women, but exists in men in those situations well) and see a sexier side of you that would normally be not-so-appropriately directed at him on a date.

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