Dating Basics for Knuckleheads (Part 1)

November 16, 2010 2 Comments

Written by Jennjennyknowseverythingifer Nickert

First impressions and ongoing impressions mean everything in regards to dating and love. The smallest thing you do can set in motion a chain of thoughts in your date that could lead to your rejection. For instance my friend Jennifer went on a date with a really handsome, nice guy. They met in the parking lot and walked into the restaurant together. He didn’t open the doors for her and walked ahead of her while being seated. He may just not have known better or he just didn’t care, but she chose not to date him again because she wanted a well mannered caring man.

Here are a few quick dating basics to get you off on the right foot. These are the casual dating basics, not the Miss Manners guide to dating.

Tips for the Men:

For goodness sake men open doors for your date. It’s polite to open doors for everyone, it’s such a simple free thing you can do to help someone out and make them feel good. Honestly I expect my date to open doors into buildings and out of them. I don’t always expect a man to open my car door to let me inside, but it’s a really delightful surprise when they do and it makes me feel cared for and liked. It is polite to get the ladies door to let them out of the car if they wait inside, but personally I never wait, I can open my door and not act like a spoiled princess.

Always let the lady walk ahead, unless there is danger, don’t send her in a burning building first. Wait until she is seated to sit.

A sexy man doesn’t play games with the check or make his date feel awkward. Pick the check up right away and say, “I’ve got this.” Unless you agreed to a dutch date or something else earlier. If you asked her out, it’s extremely classy to pay. I’ve had dates sit there and ignore it until he waitress asks several times if they can take it yet. I usually ask what I owe and I am actually prepared to pay my part. I hate when men make me ask or figure it out.

Unless the service was the worst you ever had, don’t show your cheap side, leave a 20% tip. Don’t go crazy overboard on the tip either or your date will wonder if you want to do naughty things to your waitress.

If you picked your date up wait for her to get inside before you leave. Bonus if you walk her to her door. Bonus if you don’t ask to come in or use the bathroom unless you are asked. If you truly have to pee, that’s why God made gas stations and bushes.

When you say goodnight tell the truth. Guys, you always seem to say, “I’ll call you,” or “Would you like to go out again sometime?” If you really don’t have any intention of dating her again, don’t say that and fight the temptation to take a survey to see if she liked you. Tell her you had a nice evening and wish her a good night. You can also tell her you will text or email her the next day and do so. Text her and tell her the truth. Either ask her to go out again or say something direct and kind such as, “I did have a nice night, but I don’t think we are a match romantically.”

This should give you a good start on your next date. More basic dating tips coming soon.

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2 Comments to “Dating Basics for Knuckleheads (Part 1)”
  1. TDRR says:

    You mean there are really men out there who dont get the check or hold doors on the first date?!?!

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