Dating in Detroit

July 25, 2010 3 Comments

Written by Jennifer Nickert

One of the big concerns on a lot of single Detroit daters minds is the economy. Kevin in Monroe says he doesn’t feel worthy of dating until he gets a better income. There is a lot of similar sentiment among the unemployed or laid off men and women in the Detroit area.

Love doesn’t require money, you can date and spend very little, you just have to get creative.

Some dates that require no money at all:
• Go for a walk. It sounds simple, but it’s good for your body and you have each other’s undivided attention.
• Sitting in the park and playing a board game. I love taking scrabble or even trivial pursuit to the park. You can people watch, enjoy the afternoon and get to know each other.
• Card games at home
• Take a tour of downtown Detroit. It doesn’t have to be a formal tour. You can just park somewhere and walk around the city, the architecture and the people make it a lot of fun.

Some dates that require very little money:
• A picnic in the park would be sweet and only require the money for a few sandwiches or whatever you choose to make. Cheese, crackers and some wine would be wonderful for a picnic.
• The Detroit Institute of Art costs very little and you can spend a whole day there. You can enjoy art, sit together and talk the day away while holding hands or just absorbing all the interesting and beautiful paintings.
• Go rollerskating. It’s affordable and great exercise.
• You can even making dinner at home and watching a movie you may already own.

It’s about spending time together, not how much money you have to blow.

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3 Comments to “Dating in Detroit”
  1. G.E. Moon II says:

    It sounds like there is a lot to do in Detroit. I love that in the opening sequence for the HBO series Hung that that show many different parts of Detroit.

    Yours In Health!

    G.E. Moon II

  2. TDRR says:

    The link to your page finally worked!

    I am big on winning over the ladies with my cooking skills.

    The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach!! LOL

    Excellent post!

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