My List of 101 Tasks in 1001 Days

November 13, 2009 1 Comment

Written by Jennifer Nickert

My plan for the next 1001 days is to complete 101 Tasks of my choosing.  I found hundreds of bloggers and WebPages who are following the movement and I decided to try it myself.  Some lists were fun, some funny, some thoughtful and inspirational.

Below is my list.  It is what it is.  I tried to pick things that would improve and enrich my life.  I encourage you to try this challenge.  I’m starting today Friday the 13th (yikes), 2009 and will end on Friday, August 10, 2012.  Wish me Luck!

Read about the 101 Tasks in 1001 Days challenge here 101 Tasks in 1001 Days.

  1. Start greeting card line.
  2. Sky dive.
  3. Learn to scuba dive.
  4. Learn to use style scripts.
  5. Read a book a month for 6 months. (0/6)
  6. Get one article published in Oprah magazine.
  7. Write children’s book.
  8. Pay off all credit cards (0/14)
  9. Upgrade my cameras.
  10. Buy an amazing wide angle lens for my camera.
  11. Turn off the computer for a whole weekend.
  12. Go on a picnic.
  13. Read all of Dad’s gold bound classic books.
  14. Send out 20 magazine query letters.
  15. Be an extra in a film.
  16. Have 500,000 unique visitors to (So tell your friends)
  17. Try a rock climbing wall.
  18. See the Northern Lights.
  19. Take a bartending class.
  20. Visit a farmers market.
  21. Blog every day for one month.
  22. Go to 5 concerts.
  23. Go to a major league game for the NBA, NFL, NHL, NLB, and a U of M game. (1/5)
  24. Learn to change my own oil.
  25. Get 4 new tires for my car.
  26. Complete a novel in November as part of National Novel Writing Month.
  27. Join toastmasters.
  28. Attend 4 lectures. (0/4)
  29. Go down 4 dress sizes. (0/4)
  30. Create a Wallet Sized Laminated Version of This List
  31. Learn to make Grandmas rolls.
  32. Eat ONLY fruit and vegetables for one whole week.
  33. Take my vitamins every day for at least 30 days.  (1/30)
  34. Work on my book for at least 5 minutes a day for one month. (0/30)
  35. Enter 5 photography contests.
  36. Play 18 holes of golf.
  37. Memorize 2 poems. (0/2)
  38. Hang curtains at my mothers.
  39. Make and publish 4 YouTube videos.
  40. Join a softball team.
  41. Go to a spa for a day.
  42. Take 10 classes.  (0/10)
  43. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  44. Sing at a karaoke bar.
  45. Try Thai food.
  46. Learn conversational Spanish.
  47. Get health insurance.
  48. Prepare and eat one new dish once a month.
  49. Find my mother a better office job.
  50. Drink only water for a month.
  51. Watch all Oscar winning Best Picture movies.
  52. Go two weeks not spending money on anything but gas and bills.
  53. Get my eyes examined.
  54. Illustrate 20 stock images.
  55. Donate to charity 4 months in a row. (0/4)
  56. Throw or help host a charity event.
  57. Make a weeks worth of meals and freeze them.
  58. Make and deliver someone a complete dinner.
  59. Make a cake and make and use marzipan to cover.
  60. Learn to use Adobe Illustrator (especially the pen tool).
  61. Swim in all 5 Great Lakes. (0/5)
  62. Launch and finish
  63. Completely clear out my inbox every week for a month. (0/4)
  64. Invent a signature cookie recipe.
  65. Go without TV for a whole week.
  66. Take a dance class.
  67. Leave comments on 50 random blogs. (0/50)
  68. Attend a wine tasting.
  69. Try snowboarding.
  70. Write and film one original skit.
  71. Go fishing.
  72. Go for a bike ride.
  73. Learn to use a sewing machine.
  74. Create a Silk screen T-Shirt.
  75. Take a Mixed Martial Arts class (MMA).
  76. Do 50 crunches every day for a month.
  77. Do 100 crunches every day for a month.
  78. Master Dreamweaver.
  79. Start a garden and eat one thing grown from it.
  80. Take a road trip and make random stops along the way.
  81. Take a photography lighting class.
  82. Visit 5 local galleries. (0/5)
  83. Finish my voice demo for voiceovers.
  84. Go out dancing.
  85. Read a book on Photoshop.
  86. Get a makeover.
  87. Go kayaking.
  88. Complete a “Couch to 5K” program
  89. Floss every day for 2 weeks.
  90. Become debt free.
  91. Set up a new LLC company.
  92. Design 4 more commercial WebPages.
  93. Get 1,000 subscribers to my blog.
  94. Learn to use Lightroom.
  95. Spend 30 minutes a day networking for 2 weeks. (0/14)
  96. Organize my boxes of photographs.
  97. Learn to play one song on the piano.
  98. Upload 5 new stock photos a month for 6 months. (0/6)
  99. Bake 4 from scratch pies.
  100. Write and mail one personal e-mail a month for 12 months. (0/12)
    1. Get my furniture repaired under the warranty.
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