Don't Be a Liar

November 30, 2010 3 Comments

Have you ever lied about something and then way later realized it was stupid to lie? You don’t want to seem lame so you tell friends you went out over the weekend when you really stayed in, watched bad TV, and ate garbage. There really was no reason for it. Your friends are still your friends and you still stayed home. If they found out about the lie they may change their opinion of you though.

When dating, newly dating, seeing someone for a while or haven’t even met yet, honesty is best. You don’t have to be cruel though, just honest or keep your mouth shut.

I have a friend who is bald as a newborn, yet he insists on putting pics in his dating profile and social site profiles of him with hair. He looks fine without the hair and even if he didn’t that’s what he looks like. The women going to meet him expecting a guy with hair could be disappointed, but more likely they are just disappointed in his character. If he is dishonest about something that unimportant what else is he being shady about?

Another friend puts on his dating profile that he is athletic for his body type. In his mind he truly is athletic even though his pants size has gone up a few times over the years, he has a few chins and if he were a woman people would ask his due date. Again, it’s not his size or his weight, it’s his dishonesty.

The advice of the day is “Don’t be a liar.”

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3 Comments to “Don't Be a Liar”
  1. Todd says:

    I pretty much agree, but what does that have to do with explaining on why guys allegedly don’t want to use the term ‘Date’?

  2. jessica00 says:

    I have been dating online for some times and earlier I met a few jerks but it was easy to figure out if they were jerks or not and then I met my boyfriend whom I’ve been dating for 14 months now and we’re just as happy as when we first met everything is great.

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