Winter Check List

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Winter is on it’s way. Here is a winter check list to remind you of a few things you could do now to make life a lot easier in the cold months to come.

Clean Gutters
Cleaning your gutters now before the snow and ice slide down into the pile of dirt, leaves, bees nests and birds nest and then cause damage to your roof. If you can’t do it or just don’t want to, you can get it done for an average of about $30on

Furnace Check
Have your furnace tested and serviced.  Don’t wait until its so cold you need your furnace. Turn it on and check it out now, so you have time to get it repaired. Some heating and cooling companies have service contracts that includes this service. They will come out, run your system and clean it for the upcoming season.

Turn off your outside water
So you don’t burst your pipes, you can turn off your outdoor water faucets, cover them, drain your hoses and put away for the season.

Check your Chimney
Make sure your chimney is clean, with no cracks or leaks.

Prepare for Rodents
When it gets cold critters start to look for a warmer place to live. Put traps and bait down in your garage, attack and other appropriate areas. Get the mice, rats and other creatures before they settle in and being their friends.

Storm Windows
Take out your screens and put in your storm windows if you have them. It will reduce your energy costs and keep you toasty in those cold winter months.

Seal Your Windows
You can get an inexpensive kit at the hardware store or your local Walmart type store. It includes platic and some weather strips. You place the plastic over your windows and blow dry it to shrink it to fit. It helps keep your heat in and reduced your monthly energy bill. Great savings!

Winter Coats
Get your warm jackets out and make sure they fit and are in good condition.

Empty Your Mower
Empty your gas from your mower so it doesnt go bad and cause you a headache in the summer.

Car Check
Make sure your fluids are topped off in your car, especially windshield wiper fluid.  Place a warm blanket in your trunk, check to see if you have an ice scraper and jumper cables.  ladies get jumper cables even if you dont know how to use them, someone will be kind and help if you have them.


I also recommend this great check list:  Bob Villa’s Winter Preparation Checklist



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