4 Thoughtful and Cheap Dates

Written by Jennifer Nickert

Dating is so much fun and important in a relationship.  You’re first moments together create your memories for the rest of your life together, so you want them to be creative, touching and fun.  At the same time you don’t want to break the bank because who knows if you will spend more than a few weeks with this person.  I’m just being realistic!  Dating doesn’t have to cost a lot. 

Men, here is a HUGE tip for you.  Women like the thought that goes into things more than the things themselves most of the time.  I love flowers, but I get nauseous when I think of the cost.  I’m too practical and I’d rather pay a bill with that $50.00 you just spent on something that’s going to die in a few days.  So, my ex knowing this about me, only got me flowers once in 8 years.  That was pretty sad for me.  I only needed him to pick a few from our backyard, but he never thought about it.  I was the girl without flowers.  He could have cut them out of magazines, picked them, bought me seed packets, it would have delighted me.

So, thinking creatively can make someone feel special and create a lasting once in a lifetime memory.

1.  Picnic.  Sure, it sounds simple and common, but how many times have you been on a picnic this year?  I’m betting not many and most of us haven’t done it in years.  You can make it more unique and do a midnight picnic on the grass or at a park. Put some candles on the table, on the deck or around a blanket, or even on the living room floor in the dead of winter. 

You can make the food homemade or go to a sub shop and buy some sandwiches.  Grab dessert, or make some chocolate covered strawberries, or raspberries and cream.  Something sexy.  Enjoy the food, the conversation and some kissing on that blanket afterwards.  Make a personalized CD and play some music and dance. Bring a book of poetry and read some out loud.  Some may think it’s corny, but I’ve never had anyone read me a poem.  Approximate cost of the date $15.00-$40.00 depending on alcoholic drinks or sodas.

2.  Game Night.  Have some good old fashion fun and break out the trivial pursuit or scrabble.  I had this amazing date in the park once playing scrabble.  We bought lunch and sat at a picnic table in the warm sun playing scrabble all afternoon.  It’s one of my most reflected on dates.  I can’t even remember the guy, but I remember the date. 

Have some snacks ready and drinks and play drinking games, bet on who wins.  The winner gets a backrub.  The last guy I dated would have the Wii world championship games.  The winner of the total events would get to tell the other what to do.  We’d play for hours, laughing and being active and it would end with some really fun games of our own. 

Be creative, design an invitation on the computer, pick her some flowers, make a punch or cocktail with what you have in the house.  Make it an event, not a night when you couldn’t think of anything else to do.  Approximate total cost Free.

3.  Dancing.  A night out dancing at a club or bar can get pretty expensive, those drinks add up.  So, go out to a dance class. It’s hours of instruction and fun.  Touching and smiling, and all that eye contact is sexy and good for you. 

Not a good first date, but after you’ve been seeing someone for a while you can suggest an evening of dancing at a club- just skip the drinks.  Enjoy getting dressed up, the music, people watching and moving your body on the dance floor.  If you find a club without a cover charge it’s a pretty inexpensive night if you skip alcohol.  Approximate total cost Free to $40.00 depending on the cost of classes.

4.  Theater.  Broadway can be very expensive, but a good college production can be as little as $5.00-$20.00.  You can get a student discount if you are in school or bribe a student to get the tickets for you.  College or high school productions can be excellent and you’ll be supporting local art and the school.  You can make dinner before hand to save on costs.  Slip your hand in your dates and enjoy the evening.  Go for a walk afterwards.

Whatever you do, just put your heart into it.  Everyone deserves something amazing just for them.

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